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We offer a variety of services:

House painting

Over the years, we have painted literally thousands of homes here in San Jose and the surrounding communities. If your home has not been painted in the last few years, chances are you will be surprised and pleased with the way it looks after we are finished. It is often a pretty amazing transformation, even if the new paint is the same basic color as the old. You will feel like it's a new house!


Commercial painting/apartment painting

If you own an apartment building, you know that appearance is a huge factor when your prospective tenant visits and forms that first impression. An apartment building that has a quality paint job looks nice and tells your tenants (and your employees) that this is a professionally-run business, and fosters pride in the way their home (or place of employment) looks. We will make sure your building looks great.


Pressure washing

Before any exterior painting begins, we do a complete pressure washing. Over time, the outside of a structure collects a substantial amount of dirt, grime and debris. The accumulation is so gradual that it often goes unnoticed. However, wait until you see that same home or apartment building after it has been pressure washed – you will probably be surprised at the difference.


Interior painting

Whether you have one room in your home that needs to be painted, or you want the whole interior of the house to have fresh paint, we can handle it for you. Interior painting is not particularly difficult or dangerous, but it can be time consuming for the do-it-yourselfer. Since we do it regularly, we have a routine system that allows us to do a high-quality job in a relatively small amount of time. And you are left with the great results!


Exterior painting

We offer commercial and residential painting services  Bay area from  San Francisco to Gilroy, from Oakland to Santa Cruz  as well as San Jose, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Palo Alto, Campbell, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View.


Painting estimate

Whatever painting job you are considering, it all starts with a free estimate. Call our office to arrange a time and day, and we will come out and take a look at what you are considering having done. We will provide a detailed written estimate that will outline the cost, the estimated start date, and how long the job should take.


We also do something that you won't usually see with other painting services. We will invite you to come out to one of our current job sites, and see how our professionals work. You've probably not gotten an invitation like that from any other company! That's how confident we are that you will like what you see – and you will be even more excited to see the results on your own home.


Let us handle your painting for you – we get it right the first time!


Call us to set up a free estimate: 408- 515-5990


We offer commercial and residential painting services in San Jose, California as well as Cupertino, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Campbell, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View.


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